Hyperscience takes another step from ICR towards enterprise automation

Published on   2022-05-01

In a recent press release, Hyperscience, a company originally known for its ICR and OCR technology, announced the acquisition of German company Boxplot. Hyperscience has evolved from a pure ICR/OCR vendor to a more complete capture-centric automation vendor over the last few years already. The acquisition of Boxplot marks another step towards business process automation. Boxplot provides technology that allows enterprises to map their data across entities in a graph and show how data is related.

Hyperscience seems to plan to tap into that and enrich its offering by including this data storage and visualization technology. As they say in the press release, this effectively turns Hyperscience into a system of record. Before the acquisition, they only delivered data into systems of record. Many other vendors in the space don’t see long-term data storage as a primary task of an intelligent automation system; their strategy is often high connectivity to storage systems of all kinds, rather than including their own. It will be interesting to see how deep an integration Hyperscience plans.

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