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Published on   2021-11-01

We are excited to start our blog and bring you knowledge and news related to Document Understanding and Intelligent Automation.

You don’t need deep technical skills to understand our content.

Here is what we have in mind for you:

  • Are you a business person who considers buying a Capture software, an RPA tool, or any kind of automation platform that turns your unstructured content into data? You will be overwhelmed with terms and technologies that vendors and experts mix and blend and you will be confused. We explain them to you and all you need is some basic technical understanding of computers.

  • Are you confused by all these Machine Learning and AI terms? Deep learning, classification, regression, neural networks? When you google them, do you find help, but not in the context of your document understanding problem? We will bring the two together!

  • Do you hate it when people talk about “OCR” and by that mean all kinds of things, just not actual Optical Character Recognition? Are you tired of explaining what it is and isn’t? Point them to us and stop explaining it over and over yourself!

  • Are you a buyer for a capture or automation software and need help figuring out the right vendor? We help you with that.

  • Are you looking for a way to follow Capture and Automation industry news because they are all over the place? You don’t want to follow all the vendors to see what’s new, where they are going with their technology, who gets acquired by whom, etc? We provide this information in one central location: Our blog. Follow us and you follow them all.

  • Did you realize that there is only very little vendor-neutral information out there when it comes to OCR, Capture, BPM, RPA, and any kind of Document Understanding and Automation platform? We are here to solve that and be objective.

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